About Us

Welcome to Pendlewood! Based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, we are a British handcrafting company that design, manufacture and construct high quality, award winning products and projects.

For over 14 years now we have been utilising traditional and environmentally friendly values and ethics while delivering the very best in contemporary and cutting edge products.

Pendlewood's passion is to produce creative, imaginative, eco-friendly solutions to our clients' needs and desires. We like to think that whatever is asked for we can provide.

Whether it is an adventure playground for children of all ages, a stylish and durable public seating area or a top of the range outdoor classroom, we are here to provide it for you - our valued customers.

We are a company that has stayed true to our humble roots and that wants to continue to grow while helping and enabling our customers and local communities to thrive too.

Pendlewood has a company creed, which encapsulates what our proud company is all about:

  • We think of solutions, not problems
  • We celebrate the power and beauty of nature
  • We dare to dream
  • We produce products that are innovative, creative, sustainable, eco-aware and of the highest quality
  • We do what we love... and we love what we do
  • We are not afraid of using the ‘F' Word... FUN!!!
  • We will put smiles on the faces of all our customers

We also have a list of sins that we promise not to commit:

  • Not to care about our community, schools, staff and planet
  • Buy raw materials from non-sustainable sources
  • Stop having a passion and believing in what we do
  • Copy and duplicate other's designs
  • Stop creating award-winning, high quality British products
  • Use a call centre to deal with our customers
  • Stop listening to what you - the customer - wants.
  • Stop believing in Father Christmas!

Should you want to know more about us, why not open the documents below, which we've entitled

"Why work with Pendlewood."

Our project works with help from out partner oulmio.com from Italy.