Season’s Greetings from all @ Pendlewood!

Everybody at Pendlewood would like to thank all our wonderful, loyal customers for all your support throughout 2009, which has turned out to be the most successful in our company’s history!

We would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hopefully we will see you all again in 2010, for what we hope is going to be another record breaking year for us.

Thanks again for your fantastic support.

Alan and the Pendlewood Team

There's Snow way we won't have a great festive period

There's Snow way we won't have a great festive period

... and not a wise man to be seen

The Christmas Story with a Pendlewood twist

A Great Pyramid comes to Rochdale, thanks to Pendlewood!

Pendlewood is currently undertaking one of the biggest projects of 2009, with our latest natural play structure – The Pyramid – having being designed, constructed and now installed at the Queens Park in Rochdale, Lancashire.

The innovative design has resulted in the creation of an epic and sensational product that is going to offer adventurous and inclusive natural play for children of all ages, on a previously unimaginable scale!

The impressive pyramid shaped structure is around 3 metres high and features 4 tiers, culminating in the exciting summit, which will offer a sensational view of the natural surroundings.

and the Ancient Egyptians thought they had it tough...

and the Ancient Egyptians thought they had it tough...

The Pyramid is jam-packed with exciting challenges that will test children physically and mentally. For the older, more adventurous teenager, one side of the Pyramid offers a thrilling physical challenge in the form of an epic, near 3 metre high, climbing wall. There are footholds to help the youngsters’ scale the face but it will require mental and physical skill, not to mention bravery and a little bit of teamwork, for this wall to be scaled!

The Massive structure required more than just man-power to build!

Rochdale's most exciting play structure take shape...

For the younger (or more sensible!) child, there is a smaller traversing wall at the foot of the pyramid structure. This offers a 1 metre high climb to the first tier of the pyramid.

Meanwhile, underneath the Pyramid, there is an exciting Crawl Tunnel that will give the youngsters an exciting 7 metre scramble from one side of the base to the other!

At the Pendlewood Workshop, during construction

Older youngsters may wish to use the pyramid of an evening as an area to sit and socialise too. There is a fantastic communal seating area at the foot of one side of the Pyramid that lends itself to this. During the daytime, it will be a perfect place for parents to sit and relax, whilst also keeping an eye on what the children are upto!

4 tiers = endless fun

4 tiers = endless fun!

On the entrance to the Pyramid there are to be two sloped ramp ways. These will provide a track up to the first tier of the pyramid. They will also ensure that the pyramid is completely DDA compliant and that it will allow all children to enjoy and experience the thrills of Pendlewood’s Queens Park play area.

As you can see from the surrounding pictures the huge structure needed our whole team of expert joiners to construct, while the installation was a complex job – made even more fun for the loyal Pendlewood workers by the atrocious weather conditions! The Pyramid should be completely installed by early December, giving the residents of Rochdale an early Christmas present… and hours of fun and play in 2010!