Pendlewood Wins Small Business of the Year at ‘Business Oscars’!


Pendlewood is celebrating arguably our greatest achievement to date, as we defeated hundreds of competitors from across the North West to be named Small Business of the Year at a prestigious awards ceremony!

The surprise accolade came at the highly respected BIBA’s (Be Inspired Business Awards),  described as the “Oscars of the business world for the North West”. Pendlewood were crowned winners at a glitzy black-tie ceremony at the Globe Theatre in Blackpool, in front of nearly 1,000 guests and fellow nominees. In winning the award, we had to beat off competition from some of the Lancashire’s most successful businesses to win the trophy, described by BIBA’s Chief Executive Babs Murphy as “the one they all want to win”.

Following the ceremony our Managing Director and company founder, Alan Pendlewood, dedicated the award to our wonderfully loyal customers, who have made this possible. A delighted Alan beamed: “This is a sensational achievement for us to receive and I am humbled to accept it. Without the amazing support of every one of our customers this would never have been possible. It is their feedback, encouragement and backing that has helped us become the successful company we are today and I sincerely hope they continue to help us further as we look to continue this unlikely success story.”


The BIBA’s victory is the latest chapter in a remarkable 15 year journey for Pendlewood, which began with what Alan described as “two men in a garden shed”.  Since then the company have grown from strength to strength, managing to not only survive, but thrive in the current recession. The award tops off what has been a terrific 12 months for us. Despite the most severe recession to hit the UK for generations, turnover and sales still managed to hit record highs, and were around 20% up on the previous year’s results. In fact, over a 3 year period, the company has shown growth of a massive 60%.

Alan was quick to point out that this shows that it is still possible to be a success even in the tough current economic climate. He commented: “I think it just shows what can be achieved with hard work and a positive outlook. Attending these fabulous awards really showed me that there are some fantastic business achievements going on in Lancashire despite the tough times and I just hope this can inspire other businesses in West Lancashire and hopefully we can all move the local economy forward. It was an honour to be nominated alongside some of these businesses, so to actually win is as humbling as it is exciting.”

Alan proudly lifts the BIBA!!!

Alan proudly lifts the BIBA!!!

Alan was also quick to praise staff – both past and present. He remarked: “My sincere thanks go to all of the current staff and also anyone who has worked here in the past. They have all contributed in their own way, so it was an honour to accept the award on their behalf.”

Babs Murphy, BIBA’s Chief Executive said; “The calibre of entrants this year was exceptionally high and all finalists displayed success, talent and inspiration. The winners are shining examples of what can be achieved by people with a real aspiration to improve their business and significantly contribute to the local economy.”

Check out for full details of what was an amazing night!

Putting the “Great” back in British manufacturing

Hi, I’m Alan Pendlewood, the owner and Managing Director of Pendlewood Ltd.

Leader of the world

Alan argues passionately in favour of British goods

Historically, the term “Made in Great Britain” evoked mental images of quality engineering or design – for a time it may has well have read “best in the world”. Sadly, somewhere along the line, this became regarded as a thing of the past and recently I have found myself mulling over two issues:

1) Why this is the case?

2) Can we restore this reputation?

I personally think that the fine reputation of Britain became a victim of a PC-driven campaign that insinuates that anybody having any source of pride in one’s own country is jingoistic and xenophobic. I honestly don’t believe that the standard of design and manufacturing has ever dipped and I think we are still as good as anywhere else in the world.

That is not to say that British design and manufacturing has not evolved and learnt from the influences of abroad. Indeed, I think that foreign design and manufacturer has taught us so much and has really helped us to improve even further and to stay ahead of the pack.

The trouble – in my opinion – has come as a result of both this lack of pride in our own nation and also due to cost-cutting measures, where businesses have slowly but surely moved their manual labour tasks/manufacturing abroad.

But what does all this mean in today’s recession hit Britain? Moving manufacturing abroad has over the past decade, became a sad necessity for many companies to stay in business. However, over the past 18 months with the collapse of the financial markets all across the world, a u-turn has taken place and I am finding that now many UK produced goods are now as competitive price-wise as imported ones. That is certainly the case here at Pendlewood!

As a customer, I still think that buying off UK based manufacturing companies where possible is still the way forward. To me it means a quality experience and I have found that many (new and) existing companies really go that extra mile in order to compete with imported goods.

Another positive is the environmental benefits that ‘buying British’ has. The government has, quite rightly, made it quite clear that one of their main goals is to reduce global warming. Obviously goods that are made in the UK travel a much smaller distance to get to their customers and thus leave a lower carbon footprint. In turn, this means shorter lead times and quicker deliveries which has to be a major plus to any customer.

At Pendlewood we ensure that all enquiries and customers are dealt with by people who really have a passion for what we do.  From myself right through to our Office Junior, we all care about you our customers.  I have always stated that when you buy Pendlewood you don’t receive a service, you receive an experience, and this is an ethos that is now part of our culture and will stay with this company forever.

So, in closing, I refer back to my two original questions. Firstly, British products still are the best in the world. And secondly, the only way we can restore this reputation is by our very own people placing confidence in British products and making sure we get our pride back. If you are looking to see if these conclusions are a reality, just give Pendlewood a try… I promise that you’ll get world-class British products and service at competitive prices. The “Great British Comeback” starts here!