Design for Life!

The Design team's plush new studio

The Design team's plush new studio

Pendlewood’s design team are about to experience the good life, after their brand new, tailor-made office was completed here at Pendlewood HQ!

The 6 month project has been a real team effort, with our designers, craftsmen and installation team joining forces to create what is a state-of-the-art office that will help our design team to work in an even better environment, one which enables them to relax, get creative and (we’re sure) invent the finest products in the land.

The new office came about towards the end of our record breaking year in 2009. As a result of the huge increase in sales and demand over that 12 months, our ever increasing staff numbers meant that we had begun to outgrow our initial office and needed an extension.

The swanky new area is adjoined to the current office and will house our team of 3 designers as well as having a couple of ‘hotdesks’ that will initially be used for our sales advisers, although if the orders continue to increase, no doubt they will be filled on a permanent basis by more designers!

As you can see from the surrounding pictures, it was a large operation, with the many stages of the construction process requiring not just hard work but much precision and teamwork too!

Clearly, the end result is fantastic and our Design Manager Piers Dutson-Steinfeld is thrilled with his new base. He beamed: “Since i joined Pendlewood I have always found there is a working atmosphere in which creativity thrives. This new office will take it to a new level. This workspace has been designed by designers for designers and I think its gong to inspire us in creating even more amazing inventions for children across the UK. Now we really do have no excuses!”

Alan Pendlewood, Managing Director, quipped: “Next time a design vacancy comes up at the company I’m applying! I currently share an office with my 15 stone St Bernard, Billy… and to be honest he generally calls the shots. So it is no exaggeration to say I’d love to have an office like this one!”

noone was volunteering to work in there at this point!

STAGE 1: nobody was volunteering to work in here at this point!

Windows in, just need carpet now!

STAGE 2: Windows in, just needed carpet!