No Roof-ache for Pendlewood’s KEW canopies!

One thing that Pendlewood has always prided ourselves on is the quality and durability of all our products – and this was recently confirmed in the Pendlewood workshop during the construction of one of our Kew Outdoor Classrooms!

Already renowned as an industry leading design by schools, architects and decision-makers across the country, we decided to put to test the strength of our fantastic UV-safety roofs that are used on the range.

While it was always assured that the roof would be strong enough to withhold two or three of our less-bulky workers, even we were surprised at the results of the test…

As you can see from the surrounding pictures, we managed to get seven of our master craftsmen and Managing Director Alan Pendlewood to stand on the roof – without any sign of the roof being even slightly stressed from the excess weight!

The KEW roof can withhold much more than just the sun and the rain!

Pendlewood Managing Director Alan Pendlewood said that what was initially intended as a bit of light hearted fun during an afternoon break had actually proven a very apt and serious point.

He mused: “We have always known that our roofs are robust enough to withstand anything the infamous British weather tries to throw at them. However, we didn’t know they would be strong enough to comfortably withstand an army of Pendlewood’s most generously built gentlemen!”

“In all seriousness, this reinforces a message that we have been pushing for years – Pendlewood products are of the absolute highest quality. In the current economic climate people are looking for quality and products that will last – after all they don’t want to be buying the same product again in 12 months time.  It’s all about value and quality; and these are two things Pendlewood has always offered by the bucket load.”

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