Lord of the Playground!

Pendlewood has unveiled a sensational new product that promises to redefine imaginative and educational children’s play.

The Hobbit Hole brings a magical, creative design to the playground

The HOBBIT HOLE is a magnificent structure that manages to be magical to children, educationally relevant and versatile all at the same time!

And it is the lucky youngsters of Park View Community Primary School in Manchester who will get to reap the benefits of the initial Hobbit Hole. They have just moved from their old school grounds to a brand new, state-of-the-art site that cost a cool £7 million to build.

Urban Design specialists Planit were responsible for enlisting the outdoor play environment, and after seeing some of our previous projects, they promptly drafted in Pendlewood in to ensure it was full of innovative and educational play equipment.

The new school grounds also feature a variety of bespoke and standard Pendlewood equipment, including a Castle Fort tower, a Barge inspired decking area, complete with chalkboard and sumo benches, a Sandpit with seating and an Amphitheatre.

It is the Hobbit Hole that is the centrepiece of the project though. As the name reflects, the Hobbit Hole was inspired by the Lord of the Rings and it fit the request from Park View for there to be “an external structure dedicated to encouraging young children’s interest in storytelling”.

Our Chief Designer Piers Dutson-Steinfeld described how the Hobbit Hole fits the bill. He explained: “The Hobbit Hole has a mystical and magical design that we think will inspire and stimulate role play, while as the school specified it will also play a large role in helping children get the most out of storytelling time.”

“Storytelling is a vital and wondrous part of every child’s education and a structure like the Hobbit Hole is enabling it to become even more extraordinary. The versatility of the product is only too apparent as it can also be used as an effective storage area during school holidays.”

Georgina Baines, Senior Associate at Planit, confirmed that everyone concerned with the project was thrilled with the result and singled out the Hobbit Hole for particular praise.

She said: “Pendlewood’s experience of working in the education sector shines through and the items they provided have made both Planit and the school very pleased. The Hobbit Hole is a really special place for children and comes complete with a snake door, chimney stack, feature windows and many more intricacies of detail that really make this piece the highlight of the school grounds.”

For a full look on this sensational project in full, check out our Case Studies page for more school playground designs and school play equipment!

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