Health & Safety Mythbusters !

The Reality
We recently read that the traditional party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is allegedly under threat because parents consider it a health and safety risk.
Not trusting children with drawing pins seems a little overprotective to us. After all, millions of children have been playing traditional party games like this for years without any problems.
Was this just a marketing ploy to drum up sales of party games?

The Reality
As we said at the start of the last school year, few parents would see wearing ties at school as a safety issue. Millions of children have been wearing ties as part of their uniform for years without any problems.
Simple precautions such as removing the tie during laboratory work or around machinery make sense. But if the concern is really about children fighting, while clip-on ties may help, the real issue is discipline.
So HSE doesn’t ban school ties – it’s up to schools to make their own decisions about uniforms.

The Reality
Come the summer sun and what tops off a great day out better than good, oldfashioned candyfloss?
But if you believe some newspaper headlines this beloved sweet treat is under threat – because of the dangers posed by the stick it is spun around.
The truth is that there are no health and safety laws banning candyfloss on a stick.
Is the traditional form of this sweet disappearing because it is easier to mass produce and store it in plastic bags? Who knows, but it certainly isn’t health and safety leaving anyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

Let us leave you with one thought – health and safety is about saving lives, not stopping them.

Please visit the Health & Safety Executive website for more lively examples