Christmas Charity Donation


Pendlewood would like to thank all the staff for their personal contributions.

Pendlewood is very pleased to say that not only did the company make a generous donation,

but every single member of staff also made a personal contribution.


“Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”

As a child from the sixties, I remember the days of poor quality goods from China or South Korea, and as soon as you get them home – They Break!  Unfortunately this quality issue still remain, as many project managers and parents will find out over the festivities. But this issue is not just confined to the every day person trying to make their budgets stretch further,  as a major Brazilian mining giant found with a project involving a 400,000 ton iron ore carrier . Not quite a small toy!

The ship is part of the company’s35 ship order being built at Asian yards – a wildly ambitious multi-billion dollar plan by the (ousted) former chief executive, to cut freight costs.

On its maiden voyage, two of the ship’s ballast tanks cracked during the loading process and the grandly-named ‘Vale Beijing’ was taking on water in the balmy waters of northern Brazil. Engineers have concluded that both vessels needs major repairs. I wonder who will be paying for the repair bill. I am sure lawyers on both sides will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of a major international law suit.      To read more:

My Gran’s old saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind.

The same can be said with street furniture and school playground equipment. Unfortunately there are many cheap imports flooding the European, UK and American markets.  Mainly copies of original works that were designed to a quality standard and made by quality companies that have been making products for the street furniture markets for years.

The only way to ensure quality and sustainability is to purchase off reputable companies based in travelling distance from you. You can then go and see the goods being designed and handcrafted, especially worthwhile on big budget schemes for school playgrounds or  street furniture projects.  Look for manufacturers who have a passion for what they do as they will usually offer better guarantees and back up services if any thing does go wrong. They are also within easy reach of your site, so can be with you within hours.

At Pendlewood street furniture and school playgrounds, we offer that level of service to all of our customers. They can visit our 18000 square foot workshops and see, feel and smell our handcrafted street furniture being designed and made.

We also offer a bespoke service where your design ideas can become reality. Bespoke street furniture and bespoke school playgrounds.

For School projects,  we are more than happy for pupils to visit.  We supply all the bob the builder hats and safety equipment. We even let them get “hands on” and put their own stamp on the project   – A truly personal touch,  from a truly personal company

Bespoke Wall Mounted Bench for Cambridge University

Pendlewood Street Furniture based in Lancashire,  won an highly fought after place on a campus at Cambridge university .

There were many high calibre contenders for this project, but quality and bespoke street furniture and British manufacturer Pendlewood, delivered the goods on time and on budget.

Cambridge University and architects Grontmij wanted a bespoke campus furniture option that accommodated their needs and aspirations.

Slim line metal framing and curved shaped hardwood timbers, all brought together with a quality of build that was hard to find.

But as you can see from the pictures, Pendlewood achieved the clients dreams perfectly.

Managing Director Alan Pendlewood quoted  “ With all the doom and gloom that is reported on a daily basis, it’s good to announce that British design and quality manufacturing is still out there and winning UK contracts, creating sustainable jobs in sunny Lancashire ”

Bespoke Planters at Blackfriars Junction

Bespoke street planters for London’s Blackfriars Bridge.

Quality and sustainability are a major buying point for the Transport for London team.

After scouring the market place, they chose Pendlewood street planters to fulfil all of their exacting standards.

The flexibility of Pendlewoods bespoke planters fitted their needs perfectly.

The planters were needed in a short lead time, which the team in our planter department managed to deliver on time and on budget,
allowing the project to be completed and in place before Christmas – giving the commuters of London an amazing view

Greening Blackfriars junction with amazing bespoke planters and inspiring plants, all in place ready for the London Olympics Games in 2012.


Designed and Hand crafted in the UK from sustainably sourced timbers. Our Tanalith E treated wooden planter range is designed for professional use.
All of our street planters are designed and hand crafted for quality and long life, low maintenance service life. As a commercial supplier of wooden street
planters, we understand the rigours and needs of a planter. Hidden strength built into every Pendlewood planter, Hand crafted using invisible fixing technology.

  • FSC or PEFC Upper-Gulf sourced Redwood timber (PAR)
  • Tanalised E Pressure Treated.
  • Buffalo® Board bases
  • PIFA Standard and BBA Certified DPM lining. The lining used is Visqueen® DPM
    (damp proof membrane) and is manufactured from 100% post-use waste.
  • Rust proof / treated fixings
  • Utilise Hidden Fixing Technology
  • Built in drain holes