The Twister Range

The Twister Range continues to Grow…..

 Street furniture that is contemporary and surprisingly and works in all environments – from urban streets to woodland settings.

Hand crafted in Great Britain from sustainably produced upper gulf redwood timber.

The timber is impregnated with Tanalith E, an eco friendly wood preservative.

 This gives our products a long life span that can compete and even beat many of the exotichardwoods that are used in street furniture.

Many of these street seats and tables are being used in schools ,universities, parks and public spaces throughout the UK today.

So not just street furniture but educational street furniture.

 Robust and designed to survive and thrive in many environments.  A true eco friendly bench that will fit into any woodscape or landscape setting

 Public seating designed for parks, academies, school seating, forests, river settings, university seating, courtyards, public seating, Street furniture.

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