Real Radio – The Big Breakfast Blag




Pendlewood blagged by Real Radio.   –    Real Radio PDF


 We must warn other like minded business owners of a recent blagg that we happily fell victim of.

       Our local radio station real radio 105.4 fm spotted a local nursery that had fallen down on its luck and needed help with their premises in order to  stay open.

The two presenters (Sam and Lorna) were enthused to say the least as they approached our MD Alan Pendlewood to see if he could help out on this   worthy cause.

The seeds were set and after there visit to our school playground manufacturing unit in sunny Lancashire. Alan and his team dreamt up two mad           ideas. One of which being a large play table that would be great in any school playground or nursery playground.  The outside class room is so important when it comes to schools and pupils education.

if the play ground was to have a massive school bespoke designed table to look like        King Arthurs round table then a very unusual chair would be needed too.

Our design team relished the challenge. The starting point was a story telling chair.

But as with all magical products that Pendlewood design build and install into school playgrounds this one was themed around a mystical thrown that all pupils and teachers would be blown away by.

Handcrafted school furniture can give the added magic to tell a story from or just let the pupils use it as a treat for playground fun.

The Story teller chair was handcrafted from sustainably produced red wood timber treated with Tanalith E , giving the chair and table top a life span of around 25 year

All the team at Pendlewood got involved making the experience and playground magical.

Unfortunately most of our team were tied up on other Jobs on the day but Alan, Ainsley and Kim happily volunteered to come out of their warm beds on the early hours of a cold November morning to deliver and install the school playground equipment and to help out with various repairs.

They even let Alan Pendlewood loose with a screw gun and a paint brush!

The pupils, teachers and local community were all amazed with the Story teller chair and king Arthurs round table and in seeing their smile, the Pendlewood team could not have been happier.

Even in hard trading time’s business can make a big difference in the local community. As well as buinsesses like Pendlewood donating goods free of charge, local schools and nurseries can work in partnership by buying from local companies, creating local jobs for local people.

Thus helping our future generations thrive and prosper.

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Real Radio – The Big Breakfast Blag