New Indoor Range !

Press Release  - New Indoor Range

Alan Pendlewood pays homage to the tiger and its habitat!

Alan, founder and owner of Pendlewood, has created and designed a limited edition bench collection called “Resting Tiger” as part of a new indoor furniture range.

Since 1900, the endangered tiger habitats and numbers have been reduced by up to 95 per cent. Despite 20 years of international conservation efforts, we are losing ground to save the tiger as it is now on the endangered species list and all numbers of sub-species of tigers are considered critical. The number of tigers in the wild is rapidly declining as they are killed by poachers for their skins and bones and body parts for traditional Chinese medicine. Their prey is also being poached. The biggest threat of all is human

population growth due to the cutting down of trees, destroying not only the balance of the eco system but their homes and habitats.

The environment is my passion and has led me to my latest venture.

At Pendlewood we only us sustainably sourced timber. With the Resting Tiger collection, we have used reclaimed from our on-going projects to create a handsome unique bench.
Like the tiger, whose camouflage blends seamlessly with the forest , this collection blends with our own urban  jungle to create a peaceful resting place for the busy metropolitan environment.The result of which, is smiling back at us and rewarding our effort. The Resting Tiger can relax for just a moment and hope our message is heard . Nothing is wasted , everything is recycled .

I, Alan Pendlewood, pledge to make a monthly donation and make a real difference by donating every month and adopting a tiger.  Please join me by visiting the world’s leading conservation body WWF and support their valuable work. From steamy tropical rainforests to dreamy English chalk streams, they are working on every continent to halt and

wherever possible reverse dramatic declines in wildlife species and the destruction of the places where they live.     follow this link and let’s help save a tiger together!

Bespoke Wall Mounted Bench for Cambridge University

Pendlewood Street Furniture based in Lancashire,  won an highly fought after place on a campus at Cambridge university .

There were many high calibre contenders for this project, but quality and bespoke street furniture and British manufacturer Pendlewood, delivered the goods on time and on budget.

Cambridge University and architects Grontmij wanted a bespoke campus furniture option that accommodated their needs and aspirations.

Slim line metal framing and curved shaped hardwood timbers, all brought together with a quality of build that was hard to find.

But as you can see from the pictures, Pendlewood achieved the clients dreams perfectly.

Managing Director Alan Pendlewood quoted  “ With all the doom and gloom that is reported on a daily basis, it’s good to announce that British design and quality manufacturing is still out there and winning UK contracts, creating sustainable jobs in sunny Lancashire ”

Bespoke Planters at Blackfriars Junction

Bespoke street planters for London’s Blackfriars Bridge.

Quality and sustainability are a major buying point for the Transport for London team.

After scouring the market place, they chose Pendlewood street planters to fulfil all of their exacting standards.

The flexibility of Pendlewoods bespoke planters fitted their needs perfectly.

The planters were needed in a short lead time, which the team in our planter department managed to deliver on time and on budget,
allowing the project to be completed and in place before Christmas – giving the commuters of London an amazing view

Greening Blackfriars junction with amazing bespoke planters and inspiring plants, all in place ready for the London Olympics Games in 2012.


Designed and Hand crafted in the UK from sustainably sourced timbers. Our Tanalith E treated wooden planter range is designed for professional use.
All of our street planters are designed and hand crafted for quality and long life, low maintenance service life. As a commercial supplier of wooden street
planters, we understand the rigours and needs of a planter. Hidden strength built into every Pendlewood planter, Hand crafted using invisible fixing technology.

  • FSC or PEFC Upper-Gulf sourced Redwood timber (PAR)
  • Tanalised E Pressure Treated.
  • Buffalo® Board bases
  • PIFA Standard and BBA Certified DPM lining. The lining used is Visqueen® DPM
    (damp proof membrane) and is manufactured from 100% post-use waste.
  • Rust proof / treated fixings
  • Utilise Hidden Fixing Technology
  • Built in drain holes


Urban Street furniture.By Pendlewood.

Urban Street furniture.By Pendlewood.

Contemporary Street Furniture – Street Furniture – Pendlewood Street Furniture

Yet another Mile stone for one of our successfull street furniture classics.

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Sexy ,curvaceous ,thought provoking are words that are not usually associated with Street furniture.

But for the serpent range of contemporey urban street furniture this is a true statement.

The  Serpent Range hits another big mile stone in its life. From its initial design launch in 1999, the sleek lines and curves really shook up the street furniture market.

An unusual and creative peice of urban street furniture, this urban classic is still turning heads as it struts its stuff on  the urban street walk.

The serpent range of street furniture can be found in many of Europe’s leading cities. Featured in modern Atriums to urban street scapes, contemporary developments to

exclusive marinas and even footballers gardens, in any settings they are striking and enhance any contemporary / urban setting.


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Street furniture Created in our Lancashire workshops by master craftsmen.

The quality and style go far beyond the norm of street furniture. With attention to detail our speciality.

Seen In London, Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi and Southport to name but a few..


New Range is Here !!

Street furniture

Pendlewood street furniture, renowned for its quality and creativity, Launches its new Urban Metro Range of quality contemporary street furniture. The new range is focused on the urban terrain, giving our clients an option when it comes to resilient, creative yet sustainable street furniture.

The Urban Metro Range

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From Pendlewood street furniture.

 The original concept came from our founding ideals of Pendlewood – To produce world beating eco friendly quality street furniture handcrafted in Great Britain. Founded in 1995 Pendlewood were at the vanguard of the eco revolution.

The Pendlewood range of designs gives our clients the maximum choice of quality handcrafted street furniture whilst helping to save the planet at the same time.

The Urban Metro Range is focused on flexibility, durability and sustainability. Our choice of timber is Upper gulf redwood. A timber that is renowned for its quality and durability. We then impregnate the timber with Tanalith E preservative, making the timbers expected life span around 25 years. A life span that compares favourably with tropical hard woods, but without the environmental consequences.

Reducing the carbon footprint of timber is important to many of our clients. Our redwoods are harvested from Scandinavian managed forests. All of these forests have been accredited with either PEFC or FSC Sustainable forest accreditations.

A truly flexible range of contemporary street furniture that is specifically designed for the urban landscape.

Creating new jobs in Great Britain. From apprentices to designers, we choose to invest in the future of our generations to come.

Pendlewood are a leading eco friendly company that mixes very successfully the values of Business manufacturing and caring for the planet at the same time.

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Pendlewood Quality Barge and Canal Boats



Pendlewood™ announce their latest expansion – Canal boat design and build. With eco credentials, our canal boats will be as fresh as the sea breeze.

Another dream is about to become reality for Alan Pendlewood, who remembers his Salford roots affectionately as they have shaped the man he is today, determined and creative.
As a boy he watched the large ships and barges sailing up the Manchester ship canal, delivering the raw materials from all over the world to Northwest factories and then returning the finished goods to all areas of the Globe. A time when British manufacturing was inspirational. He was inspired to one day Design and build his own barge .

This has become achievable because of the success of Pendlewood™ . A bespoke manufacturer of handcrafted and distinctive wooden furniture , along with large architectural pieces, founded in 1995 and winning the prestigious BIBA business awards 2010. Pendlewood has achieved its outstanding reputation for quality by sourcing only the finest timbers from sustainable forests and recycling quality timber, whilst training future artisans to carry on the British tradition of craftsmanship, Alan believes in apprenticeships and job creation.
From humble Salford roots, the reputation of Pendlewood™ craftsmanship, design and passion, has reached all levels of society and ages, from playgrounds countrywide to London’s financial district of Devonshire square , Pendlewood ™ will have liaised with a discerning clientele of elite Architects and designers.

Either your child will have played with or on one of their products and you will have rested on one of pendelwoods benches in the many public spaces where they have been installed . Even the worlds favourite street that launched television history , has a Pendlewood™ Emmavale bench. The stars of Coronation street, past and present have delivered many storylines whist sitting on this Street furniture .
With this experience, the founder of Pendlewood™ and his dedicated team of designers and master craftsmen are pleased to announce their new venture. Canal boat building.

With an eye on the future and their eco credentials, these vessels will break the back of traditional concepts .
These barges will have Eco keels giving low drag. This love of waterways and a boyhood dream will soon be reality and a Pendlewood™ barge will be cruising up Manchester ship canal and at the helm a proud Alan Pendlewood .That passion is now here and ready to be launched very soon.


launch new model

Pendlewood launch new models of Bespoke street furniture at a Local gallery.

Our new ideas and concepts were successfully launched at our Local academy.  Abraham Guest students were wowed with the new range that was launched in April.

Our new ideas and concepts were successfully launched at our Local academy.  Abraham Guest students were wowed with the new range that was launched in April.

All Handcrafted from sustainable timber.

The designers at Pendlewood had worked with the ideas of the students and staff to create street furniture that was unique and contemporary. but with tradititional Pendlewood trade mark of Quality and durability ,

Pendlewood are looking forward to working with Frank Barnes and his team in the future

Lord of the Playground!

Pendlewood has unveiled a sensational new product that promises to redefine imaginative and educational children’s play.

The Hobbit Hole brings a magical, creative design to the playground

The HOBBIT HOLE is a magnificent structure that manages to be magical to children, educationally relevant and versatile all at the same time!

And it is the lucky youngsters of Park View Community Primary School in Manchester who will get to reap the benefits of the initial Hobbit Hole. They have just moved from their old school grounds to a brand new, state-of-the-art site that cost a cool £7 million to build.

Urban Design specialists Planit were responsible for enlisting the outdoor play environment, and after seeing some of our previous projects, they promptly drafted in Pendlewood in to ensure it was full of innovative and educational play equipment.

The new school grounds also feature a variety of bespoke and standard Pendlewood equipment, including a Castle Fort tower, a Barge inspired decking area, complete with chalkboard and sumo benches, a Sandpit with seating and an Amphitheatre.

It is the Hobbit Hole that is the centrepiece of the project though. As the name reflects, the Hobbit Hole was inspired by the Lord of the Rings and it fit the request from Park View for there to be “an external structure dedicated to encouraging young children’s interest in storytelling”.

Our Chief Designer Piers Dutson-Steinfeld described how the Hobbit Hole fits the bill. He explained: “The Hobbit Hole has a mystical and magical design that we think will inspire and stimulate role play, while as the school specified it will also play a large role in helping children get the most out of storytelling time.”

“Storytelling is a vital and wondrous part of every child’s education and a structure like the Hobbit Hole is enabling it to become even more extraordinary. The versatility of the product is only too apparent as it can also be used as an effective storage area during school holidays.”

Georgina Baines, Senior Associate at Planit, confirmed that everyone concerned with the project was thrilled with the result and singled out the Hobbit Hole for particular praise.

She said: “Pendlewood’s experience of working in the education sector shines through and the items they provided have made both Planit and the school very pleased. The Hobbit Hole is a really special place for children and comes complete with a snake door, chimney stack, feature windows and many more intricacies of detail that really make this piece the highlight of the school grounds.”

For a full look on this sensational project in full, check out our Case Studies page for more school playground designs and school play equipment!

Billy thrives and survives!

Pendlewood has long been a play-and-climb favourite with primary schools, nurseries and children’s centres and it recently received a well deserved update, which has gone down a storm with the lucky children and staff who have experienced the new and improved version!

The multi-access range has always consisted of:

The Billy – A simple but exciting design that acts as a great introduction to active, climb based play for young and early years children.

A real Tree-t for the pupils of Brabyn Nursery

A real Tree-t for the pupils of Brabyn Nursery

The Billy Goat’s Gruff – The ‘Gruff’, as it is affectionately referred to, is a larger and slightly more challenging structure that is also a natural progression from The Billy.

Gruff Love

Gruff Love

Previously the two products were only available in their ‘standard’ sizes and with ‘standard’ features. However, now there have been bespoke options and features added that are available to you should you want your structure to deviate from the norm.

The Billy is now available with a special bespoke tree house look that will further encourage cognitive role play, while also adding colour to the playground. In addition to this there are a variety of alternate options that can be added to the Billy if required.

The standard design sees the platform accessed by a scramble ramp, with a slide offering an exciting route down. As a bespoke feature, such as the one pictured that Brabyns Nursery in Cheshire have added to the playground, there is a option of a rope climbing net which can be added to give the youngsters another thrilling challenge when scaling or descending from the platform.

The Billy Goat’s Gruff has also had bespoke features and options developed. The standard design has two towers, linked by an exciting rope rope bridge. From one tower is a large slide, at the other end there is a vertical climbing ramp. However, a special wooden walkway was designed to replace the rope bridge following an enquiry from the Dowry House Nursery School in Preston, and after its successful construction and installation it has been added to the list of bespoke options available for ‘the Gruff’.

Pendlewood’s Design Manager, Piers Dutson-Steinfeld, is the man behind the new bespoke designs. ‘PDS’ gave an honest appraisal of why the Billy range had evolve. He explained: “The Billy range has been a popular staple of our play-and-climb range for many years. However, as we have continually raised the bar and redefined natural play-and-climb with products like The Paradigm and The Pyramid, I felt this range was in danger of being left behind. Therefore it was clear customers needed a few more options and flexibility and I think the result ensures Billy will have plenty of mates for many years to come!”

Pendlewood’s Pyramid brings a regal quality to Queen’s Park!

The children of Rochdale have extra reason to enjoy the long nights after school now, as Pendlewood’s latest natural high-climb design The Pyramid has been officially opened at the town’s Queen’s Park.

The Pyramid is a fitting centrepiece of the Queen's Park

The Pyramid is a fitting centrepiece of the Queen's Park

The epic structure had been installed over the winter, and although the harsh weather attempted to derail the project, Pendlewood’s award winning installation team managed to defy the elements and install the huge £30,000 project!

And with the spring sunshine finally making a belated appearance, the Pyramid is already carving out a reputation as Rochdale’s favourite play structure. As you can see from the surrounding pictures the design offers multiple challenges for children of all ages and abilities. Indeed, it has proven so popular that already surrounding grass areas that were planted to supplement the structure have already eroded due to constant use!

The Pyramid certainly has plenty of challenges to keep the children of Rochdale entertained! The many features include a large 3 metre high traversing wall that scales all three tiers, an underground scramble tunnel that goes right through the Pyramid and a DDA inclusive walkway.

The Great Pyramid of Rochdale!

The Great Pyramid of Rochdale!

Paul Heaton, Pendlewood Workshop Manager, was delighted with the finished product, especially given the tricky conditions this past winter. He explained: “The Pyramid is a huge structure and was never going to be a simple installation job! The atrocious weather just made things worse – January was a write-off due to all the snow and frost and February wasn’t much better – so it ended up being a little bit stop-start at first.”

The installation process was no walk in the park!

The installation process was no walk in the park!

Luckily for Paul and the site team things took a positive turn once March came, “we were really able to get cracking and the feedback we’ve had since it was finished has been extremely positive, so I’m sure we’re going to be installing many more Pyramid’s throughout the rest of the year!” he told us.

For more information about this wonderful product that is redefining natural high-climb play, click here.