Real Radio – The Big Breakfast Blag




Pendlewood blagged by Real Radio.   –    Real Radio PDF


 We must warn other like minded business owners of a recent blagg that we happily fell victim of.

       Our local radio station real radio 105.4 fm spotted a local nursery that had fallen down on its luck and needed help with their premises in order to  stay open.

The two presenters (Sam and Lorna) were enthused to say the least as they approached our MD Alan Pendlewood to see if he could help out on this   worthy cause.

The seeds were set and after there visit to our school playground manufacturing unit in sunny Lancashire. Alan and his team dreamt up two mad           ideas. One of which being a large play table that would be great in any school playground or nursery playground.  The outside class room is so important when it comes to schools and pupils education.

if the play ground was to have a massive school bespoke designed table to look like        King Arthurs round table then a very unusual chair would be needed too.

Our design team relished the challenge. The starting point was a story telling chair.

But as with all magical products that Pendlewood design build and install into school playgrounds this one was themed around a mystical thrown that all pupils and teachers would be blown away by.

Handcrafted school furniture can give the added magic to tell a story from or just let the pupils use it as a treat for playground fun.

The Story teller chair was handcrafted from sustainably produced red wood timber treated with Tanalith E , giving the chair and table top a life span of around 25 year

All the team at Pendlewood got involved making the experience and playground magical.

Unfortunately most of our team were tied up on other Jobs on the day but Alan, Ainsley and Kim happily volunteered to come out of their warm beds on the early hours of a cold November morning to deliver and install the school playground equipment and to help out with various repairs.

They even let Alan Pendlewood loose with a screw gun and a paint brush!

The pupils, teachers and local community were all amazed with the Story teller chair and king Arthurs round table and in seeing their smile, the Pendlewood team could not have been happier.

Even in hard trading time’s business can make a big difference in the local community. As well as buinsesses like Pendlewood donating goods free of charge, local schools and nurseries can work in partnership by buying from local companies, creating local jobs for local people.

Thus helping our future generations thrive and prosper.

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Real Radio – The Big Breakfast Blag

Can Quality Outdoor Provision In Schools Improve Attendance?

Can Quality Outdoor Provision In Schools Improve Attendance? - Asks Terry Gould, experienced and respected early years and primary consultant.


From the moment the structure went up attendance went up with it !!  Children  began coming to school earlier to get more time on the challenging structure and guess what …it was many of the boys as well as  some of the girls. It hadn’t been planned as a strategy for boosting attendance and it wasn’t in any NPQH programme or Ofsted suggestion handbook but it worked. Now the school has a thriving playground area before school begins .It has further developed provision through the  introduction of  “wake up and shake up” sessions and a host of other activities and games designed to appeal; and that only take place before school. They have also included a huge performance stage area and a large shelter structure so that parents and siblings and children can shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Could you think out of the box like this school did  and consider what you could do to your  invest in your outdoor area that might attract children into school a little earlier and not only will you be combating disaffection and improving attendance but also helping to keep the children fitter and healthier and probably happier  through greater amounts of physical exercise, challenge and enjoyment !!

“This case study goes to show the validity of  Pendlewood’ s claim  to be more that just a company supplying outdoor play products products but  an active partner in developing  outdoor spaces that really do support learning and development  in motivational and measurable ways ”  Alan Pendlewood Managing Director Pendlewood  

Terry will be now be writing a monthly BLOG  for the Pendlewood website every month. Next month it will be on “Powering ahead through developing  a quality, sustainable  EYFS outdoor learning environment” Through  a linked competition we will be giving away FREE  six of Terry’s  acclaimed book   “Effective Practice  in Outdoor Learning” which was recently given a prestigious  silver award by the Practical Pre-School  school organisation

If you would like your school to receive features from our next blog – please click HERE and send us your details


Dream Street School Competition

My Dream street Sustrans competition

Pendlewood are pleased to work in conjunction with Sustrans and Red or Dead Founder Mark Hemmingway to spread the word that street furniture is cool.

Young adults and children either as individuals or as a school group are invited to enter the dream street competition to design their own street.

With  designs for street furniture, Street benches, Bespoke street furniture, Tree seats, Line markings or just a wild planting schemes coming through,

Pendlewood school playground and street furniture company are excited to see more weird and wonderful designs. I am sure there will be many more funky designs for street furniture coming through.

No matter how modern or traditional your street designs are, the chance to win £14,000.00 worth of prizes is as close as your imagination can get you.

Give your school the playground that you have always dreamed of by winning a Pendlewood outdoor classroom and / or a Pendlewood hissing sid snake bench.

For more information, please click the link below to be taken the  “my dream street” webpage

Shawn the Sheep

Shawn The Sheep has been very popular over the spring months and a family of sheep have gone out all across the UK.   Keep an eye out for Shawn The Sheep in an area near you

Lyn Hayler – Cemeteries Manager – East Hampshire District Council “I have taken delivery today of ‘Shawn’ and he is just perfect thank you”

Lord of the Playground!

Pendlewood has unveiled a sensational new product that promises to redefine imaginative and educational children’s play.

The Hobbit Hole brings a magical, creative design to the playground

The HOBBIT HOLE is a magnificent structure that manages to be magical to children, educationally relevant and versatile all at the same time!

And it is the lucky youngsters of Park View Community Primary School in Manchester who will get to reap the benefits of the initial Hobbit Hole. They have just moved from their old school grounds to a brand new, state-of-the-art site that cost a cool £7 million to build.

Urban Design specialists Planit were responsible for enlisting the outdoor play environment, and after seeing some of our previous projects, they promptly drafted in Pendlewood in to ensure it was full of innovative and educational play equipment.

The new school grounds also feature a variety of bespoke and standard Pendlewood equipment, including a Castle Fort tower, a Barge inspired decking area, complete with chalkboard and sumo benches, a Sandpit with seating and an Amphitheatre.

It is the Hobbit Hole that is the centrepiece of the project though. As the name reflects, the Hobbit Hole was inspired by the Lord of the Rings and it fit the request from Park View for there to be “an external structure dedicated to encouraging young children’s interest in storytelling”.

Our Chief Designer Piers Dutson-Steinfeld described how the Hobbit Hole fits the bill. He explained: “The Hobbit Hole has a mystical and magical design that we think will inspire and stimulate role play, while as the school specified it will also play a large role in helping children get the most out of storytelling time.”

“Storytelling is a vital and wondrous part of every child’s education and a structure like the Hobbit Hole is enabling it to become even more extraordinary. The versatility of the product is only too apparent as it can also be used as an effective storage area during school holidays.”

Georgina Baines, Senior Associate at Planit, confirmed that everyone concerned with the project was thrilled with the result and singled out the Hobbit Hole for particular praise.

She said: “Pendlewood’s experience of working in the education sector shines through and the items they provided have made both Planit and the school very pleased. The Hobbit Hole is a really special place for children and comes complete with a snake door, chimney stack, feature windows and many more intricacies of detail that really make this piece the highlight of the school grounds.”

For a full look on this sensational project in full, check out our Case Studies page for more school playground designs and school play equipment!