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Pendlewood blagged by Real Radio.   –    Real Radio PDF


 We must warn other like minded business owners of a recent blagg that we happily fell victim of.

       Our local radio station real radio 105.4 fm spotted a local nursery that had fallen down on its luck and needed help with their premises in order to  stay open.

The two presenters (Sam and Lorna) were enthused to say the least as they approached our MD Alan Pendlewood to see if he could help out on this   worthy cause.

The seeds were set and after there visit to our school playground manufacturing unit in sunny Lancashire. Alan and his team dreamt up two mad           ideas. One of which being a large play table that would be great in any school playground or nursery playground.  The outside class room is so important when it comes to schools and pupils education.

if the play ground was to have a massive school bespoke designed table to look like        King Arthurs round table then a very unusual chair would be needed too.

Our design team relished the challenge. The starting point was a story telling chair.

But as with all magical products that Pendlewood design build and install into school playgrounds this one was themed around a mystical thrown that all pupils and teachers would be blown away by.

Handcrafted school furniture can give the added magic to tell a story from or just let the pupils use it as a treat for playground fun.

The Story teller chair was handcrafted from sustainably produced red wood timber treated with Tanalith E , giving the chair and table top a life span of around 25 year

All the team at Pendlewood got involved making the experience and playground magical.

Unfortunately most of our team were tied up on other Jobs on the day but Alan, Ainsley and Kim happily volunteered to come out of their warm beds on the early hours of a cold November morning to deliver and install the school playground equipment and to help out with various repairs.

They even let Alan Pendlewood loose with a screw gun and a paint brush!

The pupils, teachers and local community were all amazed with the Story teller chair and king Arthurs round table and in seeing their smile, the Pendlewood team could not have been happier.

Even in hard trading time’s business can make a big difference in the local community. As well as buinsesses like Pendlewood donating goods free of charge, local schools and nurseries can work in partnership by buying from local companies, creating local jobs for local people.

Thus helping our future generations thrive and prosper.

To see more information on Real Radio and the Breakfast Blag, please click here

Real Radio – The Big Breakfast Blag

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Can Quality Outdoor Provision In Schools Improve Attendance? Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:51:42 +0000 Can Quality Outdoor Provision In Schools Improve Attendance? - Asks Terry Gould, experienced and respected early years and primary consultant.


From the moment the structure went up attendance went up with it !!  Children  began coming to school earlier to get more time on the challenging structure and guess what …it was many of the boys as well as  some of the girls. It hadn’t been planned as a strategy for boosting attendance and it wasn’t in any NPQH programme or Ofsted suggestion handbook but it worked. Now the school has a thriving playground area before school begins .It has further developed provision through the  introduction of  “wake up and shake up” sessions and a host of other activities and games designed to appeal; and that only take place before school. They have also included a huge performance stage area and a large shelter structure so that parents and siblings and children can shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Could you think out of the box like this school did  and consider what you could do to your  invest in your outdoor area that might attract children into school a little earlier and not only will you be combating disaffection and improving attendance but also helping to keep the children fitter and healthier and probably happier  through greater amounts of physical exercise, challenge and enjoyment !!

“This case study goes to show the validity of  Pendlewood’ s claim  to be more that just a company supplying outdoor play products products but  an active partner in developing  outdoor spaces that really do support learning and development  in motivational and measurable ways ”  Alan Pendlewood Managing Director Pendlewood  

Terry will be now be writing a monthly BLOG  for the Pendlewood website every month. Next month it will be on “Powering ahead through developing  a quality, sustainable  EYFS outdoor learning environment” Through  a linked competition we will be giving away FREE  six of Terry’s  acclaimed book   “Effective Practice  in Outdoor Learning” which was recently given a prestigious  silver award by the Practical Pre-School  school organisation

If you would like your school to receive features from our next blog – please click HERE and send us your details


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3 times a BIBA !! Wed, 06 Jun 2012 10:07:40 +0000

Despite the ongoing economic crisis taking a stranglehold on so many businesses acrossEurope, the last 12 months have been a triumph for Pendlewood where a focused and friendly approach has generated a period of considerable growth.

Now, with an eye on building even further on this success, our achievements to date – and our plans for the future – have been recognised in the nominations for the highly coveted business awards…The BIBA’s (Be Inspired Business Awards).

Following exhaustive judging and analysis of our plans and performances, we’re delighted to announce we’re through to the finals of all three categories in which we were entered:

  • Small Business of the Year Award – for companies up to 250 employees
  • Excellence in Customer Service Award – open to any business in the North West of England
  • Change for Growth Award – open to businesses that have demonstrated high performance and managed to grow their business in a recession

 Thank you to all our loyal customers and to our fantastic team at Pendlewood who, together, have made it possible for us to reach the finals of the BIBA’s. The winners are decided at the end of August…and we’ll keep you posted at the time.

Pendlewood is now busy in the following markets: 

School Playground Design & Installation  -  Amazing and imaginative bespoke school structures and playgrounds…from pyramids and full-sized pirate ships to unusual creations like the Queen’s Park award-winning play castle.

 Street Furniture  -  Our bespoke street furniture is now taking pride of place in high profile public locations around the UK, as well as meeting the most exacting specifications for clients including Cambridge University, OasisAcademy, FalmersAcademy and Kingston University.

Early Years Play Equipment & Outside Classrooms  -  An inspiration to all those who play and learn in and around our imaginative structures.

Canal Boats by Pendlewood  -  A brand new venture and the perfect fusion of all the experience and creative skills we’ve honed over the last 20 years. Combining bespoke design, hand-crafted wood and metal work and meticulous attention to detail, Pendlewood’s unique wide beam barges are the grand designs of the waterways, redefining the concept of luxury living…afloat!


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The Rhino Thu, 29 Mar 2012 13:54:39 +0000

Pendlewood are pleased to support the campaign for Rhino preservation.

 One of Pendlewoods long standing street furniture ranges is named after this amazing endangered creature – The rhino.  So we as a street furniture manufacturer will be doing our bit to try and save this amazing creature.   A donation of a percentage of the profits from the Rhino range of street furniture will be donated to  

Please help save the Rhino by signing this powerful petition.

The rhino is being hunted into extinction and could disappear forever unless we act now. Shocking new statistics show 440 rhinos were brutally killed last year in South Africa alone — a massive increase on five years ago when just 13 had their horns hacked off.

European nations could lead the world to a new plan to save these amazing creatures but they need to hear from us first! Fuelling this devastation is a huge spike in demand for rhino horns, used for bogus cancer cures, hangover remedies and good luck charms in China and Vietnam. Protests from South Africa have so far been ignored by the authorities, but Europe has the power to change this by calling for a ban on all rhino trade — from anywhere, to anywhere — when countries meet at the next crucial international wildlife trade summit in July.

Let’s raise a giant outcry and urge Europe to push for new protections to save rhinos from extinction. When we reach 100,000 signers, our call will be delivered in Brussels, the decision-making heart of Europe, with a crash of cardboard rhinos. Every 50,000 signatures will add a rhino to the crash — bringing the size of our movement right to the door of EU delegates as they decide their position.

Sign the petition below then forward the link widely: So far this year one rhino has been killed every day in South Africa, home to at least 80% of the world’s remaining wild rhinos. Horns now have a street value of over $65,000 a kilo — more expensive than gold or platinum. The South African Environment Minister has pledged to take action by putting 150 extra wardens and even an electric fence along the Mozambique border to try and stem the attacks – but the scale of the threat is so severe that global action is required.

Unless we act today we may lose this magnificent and ancient animal species permanently. Some Chinese are loudly lobbying for the trade in horn to be relaxed, but banning the trade in all rhinos will silence them. With the EU’s leadership, we can bring these international gangsters to justice, put the poachers in prison, and push for public awareness programmes in key Asian countries — and end this horn horror show for good.

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The Twister Range Wed, 14 Mar 2012 15:16:22 +0000

The Twister Range continues to Grow…..

 Street furniture that is contemporary and surprisingly and works in all environments – from urban streets to woodland settings.

Hand crafted in Great Britain from sustainably produced upper gulf redwood timber.

The timber is impregnated with Tanalith E, an eco friendly wood preservative.

 This gives our products a long life span that can compete and even beat many of the exotichardwoods that are used in street furniture.

Many of these street seats and tables are being used in schools ,universities, parks and public spaces throughout the UK today.

So not just street furniture but educational street furniture.

 Robust and designed to survive and thrive in many environments.  A true eco friendly bench that will fit into any woodscape or landscape setting

 Public seating designed for parks, academies, school seating, forests, river settings, university seating, courtyards, public seating, Street furniture.

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Pendlewood Charity Donation Wed, 15 Feb 2012 08:46:21 +0000 Pendlewood are delighted to have donationed money to a local charity – The Birchwood Centre in Skelmersdale.

The Birchwood Centre provides  accommodation to Young People aged 16-25 years of age who are homeless, vulnerable and in need of support; helping them to develop and live happy, successful and independent lives

Get involved now at


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New Indoor Range ! Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:44:13 +0000 Press Release  - New Indoor Range

Alan Pendlewood pays homage to the tiger and its habitat!

Alan, founder and owner of Pendlewood, has created and designed a limited edition bench collection called “Resting Tiger” as part of a new indoor furniture range.

Since 1900, the endangered tiger habitats and numbers have been reduced by up to 95 per cent. Despite 20 years of international conservation efforts, we are losing ground to save the tiger as it is now on the endangered species list and all numbers of sub-species of tigers are considered critical. The number of tigers in the wild is rapidly declining as they are killed by poachers for their skins and bones and body parts for traditional Chinese medicine. Their prey is also being poached. The biggest threat of all is human

population growth due to the cutting down of trees, destroying not only the balance of the eco system but their homes and habitats.

The environment is my passion and has led me to my latest venture.

At Pendlewood we only us sustainably sourced timber. With the Resting Tiger collection, we have used reclaimed from our on-going projects to create a handsome unique bench.
Like the tiger, whose camouflage blends seamlessly with the forest , this collection blends with our own urban  jungle to create a peaceful resting place for the busy metropolitan environment.The result of which, is smiling back at us and rewarding our effort. The Resting Tiger can relax for just a moment and hope our message is heard . Nothing is wasted , everything is recycled .

I, Alan Pendlewood, pledge to make a monthly donation and make a real difference by donating every month and adopting a tiger.  Please join me by visiting the world’s leading conservation body WWF and support their valuable work. From steamy tropical rainforests to dreamy English chalk streams, they are working on every continent to halt and

wherever possible reverse dramatic declines in wildlife species and the destruction of the places where they live.     follow this link and let’s help save a tiger together!

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Christmas Charity Donation Fri, 16 Dec 2011 10:43:33 +0000  

Pendlewood would like to thank all the staff for their personal contributions.

Pendlewood is very pleased to say that not only did the company make a generous donation,

but every single member of staff also made a personal contribution.


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“Buy Cheap, Buy Twice” Tue, 13 Dec 2011 16:10:22 +0000 As a child from the sixties, I remember the days of poor quality goods from China or South Korea, and as soon as you get them home – They Break!  Unfortunately this quality issue still remain, as many project managers and parents will find out over the festivities. But this issue is not just confined to the every day person trying to make their budgets stretch further,  as a major Brazilian mining giant found with a project involving a 400,000 ton iron ore carrier . Not quite a small toy!

The ship is part of the company’s35 ship order being built at Asian yards – a wildly ambitious multi-billion dollar plan by the (ousted) former chief executive, to cut freight costs.

On its maiden voyage, two of the ship’s ballast tanks cracked during the loading process and the grandly-named ‘Vale Beijing’ was taking on water in the balmy waters of northern Brazil. Engineers have concluded that both vessels needs major repairs. I wonder who will be paying for the repair bill. I am sure lawyers on both sides will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of a major international law suit.      To read more:

My Gran’s old saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind.

The same can be said with street furniture and school playground equipment. Unfortunately there are many cheap imports flooding the European, UK and American markets.  Mainly copies of original works that were designed to a quality standard and made by quality companies that have been making products for the street furniture markets for years.

The only way to ensure quality and sustainability is to purchase off reputable companies based in travelling distance from you. You can then go and see the goods being designed and handcrafted, especially worthwhile on big budget schemes for school playgrounds or  street furniture projects.  Look for manufacturers who have a passion for what they do as they will usually offer better guarantees and back up services if any thing does go wrong. They are also within easy reach of your site, so can be with you within hours.

At Pendlewood street furniture and school playgrounds, we offer that level of service to all of our customers. They can visit our 18000 square foot workshops and see, feel and smell our handcrafted street furniture being designed and made.

We also offer a bespoke service where your design ideas can become reality. Bespoke street furniture and bespoke school playgrounds.

For School projects,  we are more than happy for pupils to visit.  We supply all the bob the builder hats and safety equipment. We even let them get “hands on” and put their own stamp on the project   – A truly personal touch,  from a truly personal company

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Bespoke Wall Mounted Bench for Cambridge University Fri, 09 Dec 2011 11:09:35 +0000 Pendlewood Street Furniture based in Lancashire,  won an highly fought after place on a campus at Cambridge university .

There were many high calibre contenders for this project, but quality and bespoke street furniture and British manufacturer Pendlewood, delivered the goods on time and on budget.

Cambridge University and architects Grontmij wanted a bespoke campus furniture option that accommodated their needs and aspirations.

Slim line metal framing and curved shaped hardwood timbers, all brought together with a quality of build that was hard to find.

But as you can see from the pictures, Pendlewood achieved the clients dreams perfectly.

Managing Director Alan Pendlewood quoted  “ With all the doom and gloom that is reported on a daily basis, it’s good to announce that British design and quality manufacturing is still out there and winning UK contracts, creating sustainable jobs in sunny Lancashire ”

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