The Rhino

Pendlewood are pleased to support the campaign for Rhino preservation.

 One of Pendlewoods long standing street furniture ranges is named after this amazing endangered creature – The rhino.  So we as a street furniture manufacturer will be doing our bit to try and save this amazing creature.   A donation of a percentage of the profits from the Rhino range of street furniture will be donated to  

Please help save the Rhino by signing this powerful petition.

The rhino is being hunted into extinction and could disappear forever unless we act now. Shocking new statistics show 440 rhinos were brutally killed last year in South Africa alone — a massive increase on five years ago when just 13 had their horns hacked off.

European nations could lead the world to a new plan to save these amazing creatures but they need to hear from us first! Fuelling this devastation is a huge spike in demand for rhino horns, used for bogus cancer cures, hangover remedies and good luck charms in China and Vietnam. Protests from South Africa have so far been ignored by the authorities, but Europe has the power to change this by calling for a ban on all rhino trade — from anywhere, to anywhere — when countries meet at the next crucial international wildlife trade summit in July.

Let’s raise a giant outcry and urge Europe to push for new protections to save rhinos from extinction. When we reach 100,000 signers, our call will be delivered in Brussels, the decision-making heart of Europe, with a crash of cardboard rhinos. Every 50,000 signatures will add a rhino to the crash — bringing the size of our movement right to the door of EU delegates as they decide their position.

Sign the petition below then forward the link widely: So far this year one rhino has been killed every day in South Africa, home to at least 80% of the world’s remaining wild rhinos. Horns now have a street value of over $65,000 a kilo — more expensive than gold or platinum. The South African Environment Minister has pledged to take action by putting 150 extra wardens and even an electric fence along the Mozambique border to try and stem the attacks – but the scale of the threat is so severe that global action is required.

Unless we act today we may lose this magnificent and ancient animal species permanently. Some Chinese are loudly lobbying for the trade in horn to be relaxed, but banning the trade in all rhinos will silence them. With the EU’s leadership, we can bring these international gangsters to justice, put the poachers in prison, and push for public awareness programmes in key Asian countries — and end this horn horror show for good.

New Indoor Range !

Press Release  - New Indoor Range

Alan Pendlewood pays homage to the tiger and its habitat!

Alan, founder and owner of Pendlewood, has created and designed a limited edition bench collection called “Resting Tiger” as part of a new indoor furniture range.

Since 1900, the endangered tiger habitats and numbers have been reduced by up to 95 per cent. Despite 20 years of international conservation efforts, we are losing ground to save the tiger as it is now on the endangered species list and all numbers of sub-species of tigers are considered critical. The number of tigers in the wild is rapidly declining as they are killed by poachers for their skins and bones and body parts for traditional Chinese medicine. Their prey is also being poached. The biggest threat of all is human

population growth due to the cutting down of trees, destroying not only the balance of the eco system but their homes and habitats.

The environment is my passion and has led me to my latest venture.

At Pendlewood we only us sustainably sourced timber. With the Resting Tiger collection, we have used reclaimed from our on-going projects to create a handsome unique bench.
Like the tiger, whose camouflage blends seamlessly with the forest , this collection blends with our own urban  jungle to create a peaceful resting place for the busy metropolitan environment.The result of which, is smiling back at us and rewarding our effort. The Resting Tiger can relax for just a moment and hope our message is heard . Nothing is wasted , everything is recycled .

I, Alan Pendlewood, pledge to make a monthly donation and make a real difference by donating every month and adopting a tiger.  Please join me by visiting the world’s leading conservation body WWF and support their valuable work. From steamy tropical rainforests to dreamy English chalk streams, they are working on every continent to halt and

wherever possible reverse dramatic declines in wildlife species and the destruction of the places where they live.     follow this link and let’s help save a tiger together!

Christmas Charity Donation


Pendlewood would like to thank all the staff for their personal contributions.

Pendlewood is very pleased to say that not only did the company make a generous donation,

but every single member of staff also made a personal contribution.


New Range is Here !!

Street furniture

Pendlewood street furniture, renowned for its quality and creativity, Launches its new Urban Metro Range of quality contemporary street furniture. The new range is focused on the urban terrain, giving our clients an option when it comes to resilient, creative yet sustainable street furniture.

The Urban Metro Range

click to enlarge image

From Pendlewood street furniture.

 The original concept came from our founding ideals of Pendlewood – To produce world beating eco friendly quality street furniture handcrafted in Great Britain. Founded in 1995 Pendlewood were at the vanguard of the eco revolution.

The Pendlewood range of designs gives our clients the maximum choice of quality handcrafted street furniture whilst helping to save the planet at the same time.

The Urban Metro Range is focused on flexibility, durability and sustainability. Our choice of timber is Upper gulf redwood. A timber that is renowned for its quality and durability. We then impregnate the timber with Tanalith E preservative, making the timbers expected life span around 25 years. A life span that compares favourably with tropical hard woods, but without the environmental consequences.

Reducing the carbon footprint of timber is important to many of our clients. Our redwoods are harvested from Scandinavian managed forests. All of these forests have been accredited with either PEFC or FSC Sustainable forest accreditations.

A truly flexible range of contemporary street furniture that is specifically designed for the urban landscape.

Creating new jobs in Great Britain. From apprentices to designers, we choose to invest in the future of our generations to come.

Pendlewood are a leading eco friendly company that mixes very successfully the values of Business manufacturing and caring for the planet at the same time.

Curved street furniture, Urban street furniture, Street furniture products, Oak street furniture

launch new model

Pendlewood launch new models of Bespoke street furniture at a Local gallery.

Our new ideas and concepts were successfully launched at our Local academy.  Abraham Guest students were wowed with the new range that was launched in April.

Our new ideas and concepts were successfully launched at our Local academy.  Abraham Guest students were wowed with the new range that was launched in April.

All Handcrafted from sustainable timber.

The designers at Pendlewood had worked with the ideas of the students and staff to create street furniture that was unique and contemporary. but with tradititional Pendlewood trade mark of Quality and durability ,

Pendlewood are looking forward to working with Frank Barnes and his team in the future

Pendlewood take YouTube by storm

Pendlewood have now created a new Pendlewood YouTube channel.

This channel will showcase Pendlewood products and test them for the whole world to see.    Our first group of videos are to showcase our Kew Range and just how strong and durable these outdoor classrooms / school shelters are.   Watch these videos for yourself now and see Alan DRIVE OVER a small kew roof, not only in a company van, but then in his huge 4×4.  These products really can withstand a lot.  The quality in our products speak for themselves…

Sign up now to our YouTube channel now and await the next set of crazy videos from The Pendlewood Team

Pendlewood YouTube Channel  -  Product Testing

BIBA Awards

The search continues to find Lancashire’s  brightest business stars in this year’s BIBAs (Be Inspired Business Awards).  With registrations at an all time high, the Awards are one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools and winning a prestigious BIBA will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business.

We want to help you raise the profile of your organisation and enhance its reputation by promoting the great work you are doing while at the same time providing you with a platform to celebrate your success.

There’s at category to suite every business  – so what are you waiting for,   enter at

Good Luck

“I think it just shows what can be achieved with hard work and a positive outlook. Attending these fabulous awards really showed me that there  are some fantastic business achievements going on in Lancashire despite the tough times and I just hope this can inspire other businesses in  Lancashire  and hopefully we can all move the local economy forward, together” ….      Alan Pendlewood, Managing Director, Pendlewood Ltd  – Small Business of the Year 2010

Important dates for your diary

Closing date for entries: 4pm on Thursday 24th March 2011
Announcement of shortlisted companies: Week commencing 26th April 2011
Awards ceremony: Friday 10th June 2011

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Health & Safety Mythbusters !

The Reality
We recently read that the traditional party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is allegedly under threat because parents consider it a health and safety risk.
Not trusting children with drawing pins seems a little overprotective to us. After all, millions of children have been playing traditional party games like this for years without any problems.
Was this just a marketing ploy to drum up sales of party games?

The Reality
As we said at the start of the last school year, few parents would see wearing ties at school as a safety issue. Millions of children have been wearing ties as part of their uniform for years without any problems.
Simple precautions such as removing the tie during laboratory work or around machinery make sense. But if the concern is really about children fighting, while clip-on ties may help, the real issue is discipline.
So HSE doesn’t ban school ties – it’s up to schools to make their own decisions about uniforms.

The Reality
Come the summer sun and what tops off a great day out better than good, oldfashioned candyfloss?
But if you believe some newspaper headlines this beloved sweet treat is under threat – because of the dangers posed by the stick it is spun around.
The truth is that there are no health and safety laws banning candyfloss on a stick.
Is the traditional form of this sweet disappearing because it is easier to mass produce and store it in plastic bags? Who knows, but it certainly isn’t health and safety leaving anyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

Let us leave you with one thought – health and safety is about saving lives, not stopping them.

Please visit the Health & Safety Executive website for more lively examples

Environmentally Friendly Pendlewood Nominated for top award!

Pendlewood are celebrating after once again being shortlisted for a leading business award!

Our long-standing commitment to the environment and running a sustainable, eco-friendly business has been rewarded as our Managing Director Alan Pendlewood has been nominated for the Environmental Champion award at the 2010 Lancashire Business Environment Awards. The awards are organised by Groundwork Pennine, who are the largest environmental charity in Lancashire. A swanky ceremony will be held on the October 21st at Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers FC, where Pendlewood will battle it out with two other innovative, green companies in the hope of being awarded the prestigious title. The Environmental Champion is an award for which Groundworks describe the required criteria as “outstanding performance or influence by an individual who has led by example, encouraging others to become more environmentally aware and put a lot of time and effort into organising environmental projects in your workplace”

Pendlewood will be hoping for their second piece of silverware this year; back in March, in a stunning coup, we were named the 2010 Small Business of the Year at the BIBA’s (Be Inspired Business Awards), an event described by the Chamber of Commerce as the “Oscars of the North-West Business World”. Alan is determined to get the message across that this is a nomination for the company, rather than an individual award though. He explained: “I’m just a representative of the company really. The staff we have here is equally as passionate about the environment as I am and this is credit to everybody at Pendlewood”. Although keen to win again, Alan remains pleased that Pendlewood’s commitment to being environmentally aware has been recognised.  He admitted: “It would be a real thrill for Pendlewood to be crowned Environmental Champions. However, win or not, there is a real delight at being recognised and shortlisted for this award. We have always been passionate about the environment and Pendlewood being regarded as a potential environmental champion feels like a real validation of our efforts.”