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Pendlewood's Crazy Golf Course is an innovative and dynamic addition to any school playground or play area.

Crazy Golf is an active play game that is able to improve hand-eye coordination, concentration and accuracy as well as giving something visually unique to the play area. It is also a fun way for younger children to test out their mathematics skills as they keep score.

The course is populated with various Pendlewood handcrafted sculptures, bridges and obstacles for the children to knock the ball through.

In addition to this the unique sculptures add an element of fantasy, thus encouraging the children to free their imagination and really gain an enjoyable experience.

The design and content of the course are easily adaptable to your school or playground's exact requirements. The Crazy Golf course is a versatile activity area that manages to be mentally, physically and educationally relevant... and who knows... maybe the next Tiger Woods is sitting in your classroom!

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The surface of the Crazy Golf course is made friom high quality artificial grass that is tested to meet BS4790 low radius. The surface is available in several colours upon request.