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The Pyramid is a natural, versatile and adventurous high-climb play structure that will that will act as a varied and exciting centrepiece for any play area, while testing and developing physical and mental skills. 

The epic pyramid shaped structure is around 3 metres high and features 4 tiers, culminating in the exciting summit, which will offer a sensational view of the natural surroundings. 

One side of the Pyramid offers a thrilling physical challenge in the form of a 3 metre high, climbing wall. There are footholds to help the youngsters' scale the face but it will require mental and physical skill, not to mention bravery and a little bit of teamwork, for this wall to be scaled!

For the younger (or more sensible!) child, there is a smaller traversing wall at the foot of the pyramid structure. This offers a 1 metre high climb to the first tier of the pyramid. 

Meanwhile, underneath the Pyramid, there is an exciting Crawl Tunnel that will give the youngsters an exciting 7 metre scramble from one side of the base to the other!

There is a communal seating area at the foot of one side of the Pyramid too, that will offer a great place for the children to sit and socialise, while bringing an inclusive concept to the design. 

On the entrance to the Pyramid there are two sloped ramp ways which provide a track up to the first tier of the pyramid. They ensure that the Pyramid is completely DDA compliant and that all children can experience its thrills.

The Pyramid is a truly exciting and groundbreaking natural structure that will provide hours of endless activity based fun.

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The Pyramid - High Climb - School Play and Climb
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Due to Environmental reasons we choose to use European Redwood. This is one of the hardest softwoods available and is suitable for exterior usage. It has a natural resilience, and the introduction of the preservative Tanalith E helps this timber have a greater life span than some hardwoods - without the negative environmental impact associated with exotic hardwoods.

Redwood timber is fully grown in 50 years. It is also harvested and replanted in 50% of the time that it takes a hardwood tree to reach maturity. All redwood used by Pendlewood is harvested from sustainable forests.

Tanalith E Pressure Treated Timber

The treated timber that Pendlewood supply is pressure treated Tanalith E.

Tanalith E conforms to the efficacy requirements of BS EN 599-1:19997, and is treated in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 351-1:1996 to give a desired service life in the selected hazard class as defined in BS EN 335-1:11992.

· Low maintenance

· No varnishing or further treatments required

· Long life product

· Eco friendly preservative

· A truly sustainable timber

· All edges rounded for safety

· All surfaces smooth to touch

· No copper chromic arsenic trace elements