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Pendlewood offers a wide range of designs on Traversing Walls that add even more adventure, as well as presenting a fun, physical challenge, to your playground.


Handcrafted from sustainably sourced Redwood timber, all our Traversing Walls are a great addition to any playground that wants to help develop the physical and mental skills of children. They can be added to your school grounds as a standalone product or can be attached to one of our larger Play & Climb products such as The Camelot, HMS Intrepid or the HMS Discovery.


The designs in our Traversing Wall range are:


Castle Traversing Wall: 

PWP21010 (1 sided), PWP21011 (2 sided)


Double Sided Traversing Wall (red and green)



Ocean Traversing Wall:



Ship Traversing Wall: 

PWP21000 (1 sided), PWP21001 (2 sided)

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