Double Sided Traversing Wall (Red/Green)

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The Double Sided Traversing Wall (Red/Green) is a fine and colourful addition to a play area and enables even more adventure, as well as presenting a fun, physical challenge for your children.

Traversing walls are a great addition to any playground that wants to help develop the physical and mental skills of children. The double sided surface has - as the name suggests - one side of the wall is red and the other is green.

It can be added to your school grounds as a standalone product or as part of a Play & Climb adventure area that includes our renowned themed structures such as the Pendlewood Express, DDA Castle or The Robin Hood.

The Double Sided Traversing Wall (Red/Green) comes complete with foot holds and/or multi-coloured foot and hand grips which provide potential help, as well as offering a mental challenge for the children as they navigate their way up and down the structure.

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Double Sided Traversing Wall (Red/Green) - Traversing Walls - School Play and Climb
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Made from HDPE Plastic.