Hobbit Hole


Learning Outside the Classroom - School Playground Equipment

The Hobbit Hole is a mystical and enchanting structure that will boost options for outside the classroom teaching, while also encouraging creative play and enhance the storytelling experience.

The Hobbit Hole manages to be educationally relevant and versatile all at the same time. Originally inspired by the Lord of the Rings, it is an external structure dedicated to encouraging young children's interest in storytelling. Storytelling is a vital and wondrous part of every child's education the Hobbit Hole enables it to become even more extraordinary.

However, the versatility of the product means this is not simply a structure for storytelling. The Hobbit Hole has a mystical and magical design that will inspire and stimulate role play, while it can also be used as an effective storage area during school holidays.

The Hobbit Hole comes complete with wonderful and creative features including a snake door, chimney stack and feature windows.

It is handcrafted from sustainable and long lasting Redwood, which is a durable and low maintenance timber. 


Dimensions: Full Length: 7500mm,

Depth: 2720mm, Height: 1800mm

To see how the Hobbit Hole formed the centrepiece of a sensational new school site click here.

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