Builders Yard


Learning Outside the Classroom - School Playground Equipment

The Builders Yard is a versatile addition to any playground.

The sturdy construction is divided into 3 compartments, each encouraging a different discipline of play. There are also 'tool boxes' and water chutes attached to the shed too. It will stimulate cognitive role play, help to develop social skills and allow for a wide variety of activities including sand, water and discovery based play.

The Builders Yard also acts as an extremely spacious storage area for play equipment when playtime is over. It has an advanced UV safety roof specifically designed so that youngsters can be protected from the risks of sunburn, as well as sheltering them from rain.

The Builders Yard is handcrafted using chunky, low maintenance yet robust, sustainably sourced Redwood timber.


Dimensions: Length: 2500mm, Width: 1300mm, Height: 1500mm

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