Kew 4 Outdoor Classroom/Shelter


Learning Outside the Classroom - School Playground Equipment

The Kew 4 is an extremely versatile member of the range and is ideal for children to use as a sheltered play or social area as well as being an excellent place to teach small groups outdoors.


The Kew 4 is perfect for children to learn, play or just relax in. It also is an excellent shelter and area for staff or for parents to sit and wait.


Handcrafted from sustainably sourced Redwood, the unique design includes an advanced UV safety filter roof design to combat the risk of sunburn. The Kew 4 also has stylish, comfortable and durable benches and an enduring timber floor.


There is plenty of room for extras such as additional seating, chalkboards or discovery areas. 


Dimensions: Length: 4000mm, Width: 2400mm, Height: 2290mm


Please note the Kew 4 is also available without the timber floor


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