Kew 5 Outdoor Classroom/Shelter


Learning Outside the Classroom - School Playground Equipment

The Kew 5 is perfect for those who want the complete outdoor classroom experience.


Combining the grandiose size of the Kew 3 with the stylish features and atmosphere of the Kew 4, the Kew 5 is extremely versatile.

It is ideal for a range of tasks and activities. It's substantial size and seating mean that it is perfect for teaching classes to large groups outside. 


The Kew 5 is handmade by our time served craftsmen from sustainably sourced Redwood. The Kew 5 comes complete with an extremely strong and advanced UV safety filter roof designed to eliminate the dangers of the sun and and a robust timber floor. It has stylish, comfortable seating areas and planters to encourage the introduction of nature. There is also the flexibility to add an array of many other educational extras such as chalkboards and sandpits. 


It's versatility means it can also be an area for children to sit and chat during playtime, a staff meeting area and as a shelter for parents. In addition to this the Kew 5 can act as an overnight or classtime storage area for other play equipment.


Dimensions: Length: 6600mm (Canopy Length: 6000mm),

Width: 4920mm (Canopy Width: 4080mm), Height: 2145mm


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