School Planters and Sandpits

Pendlewood has a fantastic selection of sandpits and planters that will bring natural science and exploratory play to your playground.

Our Planters immediately bring nature and encourage wildlife into the playground. They also brighten up less colourful areas of the playground, while offering seating and allow for the delivery of outdoor learning through science areas and gardening clubs.

Pendlewood's range of sandpits offers fun for children of all ages. Some offer seating options, while all encouraging role play and creative fun. They all come complete with a lid, to protect the sand from any contamination the elements may throw at it! Perfect for any school playground

We also make sure that our products targeted at children link in with all the latest government educational initiatives. For more information, click here.

Pendlewood are certified and active members of "The Association of Play Industries" and all our play areas are designed to BS/EN1176/1177.

School Planters and Sandpits -