Sandpit with Seating

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Ref:PWP10900 (3 sided seating); PWP10901 (4 sided seating)

This sandpit has plenty of room for children to enjoy exploratory play... and seating for when they need a little break from all the fun. 

An exciting design for children, as they can role play, explore and dig away all while developing their crucial hand and eye co-ordination... while having buckets of fun! 

This Sandpit is especially versatile as it comes with a dual purpose - there is seating, which can also be used as a kneeling pad by the smaller children. 

The Sandpit also comes complete with an 18mm HDPE lid to ensure that the sand is covered from the elements and any contamination. 

All our sandpits are handmade from sustainable produced redwood, which has safe rounded corners and is less prone to splinters. All fixings are exterior grade and are plugged to deter vandalism.

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The Lid is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic.