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Planters can bring so much to a schools ground - they can attract wildlife, bring the option of teaching natural science lessons first hand, brighten up the school grounds, are superb for creative and imaginative play and offer much, much more.

Pendlewood offers many bespoke options in our planter range.

Our team of master craftsmen can produce planters in any shape, size and depth; we've been known to produce planters that are star shaped, triangular, hexagonal... we really can create the high quality addition to your school's play or nature area you dream of!

We construct planters in redwood timber, European Oak and African Iroko. We ensure that all timbers used meet out stringent environmental policy.

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Iroko, a Western African hardwood, is another very popular hardwood used within the external works industry.

Its strength is demonstrated by its wide usage on a variety of products, from decking to benches. One of the most durable timbers there is; Iroko is a close member of the teak family.

The weight varies according to character and growth, but on average weighs 660 kg/m3 when dried.



Due to Environmental reasons we choose to use European Redwood. This is one of the hardest softwoods available and is suitable for exterior usage. It has a natural resilience, and the introduction of the preservative Tanalith E helps this timber have a greater life span than some hardwoods - without the negative environmental impact associated with exotic hardwoods.

Redwood timber is fully grown in 50 years. It is also harvested and replanted in 50% of the time that it takes a hardwood tree to reach maturity. All redwood used by Pendlewood is harvested from sustainable forests.

Tanalith E Pressure Treated Timber

The treated timber that Pendlewood supply is pressure treated Tanalith E.

Tanalith E conforms to the efficacy requirements of BS EN 599-1:19997, and is treated in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 351-1:1996 to give a desired service life in the selected hazard class as defined in BS EN 335-1:11992.

·  Low maintenance

·  No varnishing or further treatments required

·  Long life product

·  Eco friendly preservative

·  A truly sustainable timber

·  All edges rounded for safety

·  All surfaces smooth to touch

·  No copper chromic arsenic trace elements


European/English Oak (Quercus robur/Quercus petarea)

General: The Oak we source is predominantly home grown and is often slow, of even growth, uniformed in colour and straight in grain and that includes the Oak we source from England, which also tends to be of a harder and tougher nature.

Weight: This will vary according to origin and character of growth obviously. But, our Oak sourced locally averages at about 720kg/m3. This density makes it extremely durable, therefore increasing the timber’s longevity. The Oak also has an approximate moisture content of 12% - a low moisture content means that the timber is also unlikely to suffer severe movement and cracks once machined.

Durability: Oak is one of the most durable hardwood timbers in the trade and with permeable sapwood once treated the treatments are absorbed into the timber and it becomes highly resistant to rot and the general weathering process is reduced by a significant amount.