Natural Play

Natural Play is a key component of Pendlewood's commitment towards ensuring that children connect with the world around them. As a specialist in sustainable play equipment, it is fair to say that Pendlewood are a company that offer an incredible variety of natural play solutions.

Here our Managing Director Alan Pendlewood explains his pride in being a purveyor of quality, natural play and discusses some of the challenges facing what is one of the most exciting, beneficial and innocent ways for youngsters to enjoy their free time.

"Preserving the idea of natural play is one of the biggest challenges facing us, as more and more children are being tempted into a lifestyle on the couch watching one of the 500 TV channels available, or playing on the latest games console that is the latest craze.

I really hope that my generation is not going to be the last to explore and play in a natural environment.  I fondly recall my childhood days spent climbing trees, making swings, playing on river banks, creating dens and using the surrounding twigs and branches to build a mini bridge for me to cross the stream. I will admit that my ‘constructions' weren't always to health and safety standards in those days though!

That's why here at Pendlewood we're determined to make our play equipment, areas and solutions as natural as possible. I aim for us to hark back to the ‘golden age' of play - but with the added benefits that years of experience and progress have taught us. By ‘progress', I mean high quality, fully inclusive, safe equipment that bring educational and physically beneficial concepts to the play experience that simply weren't available yesteryear.

I truly believe that natural play has just as much, if not more, relevance today than it did 20 or 30 years ago. Where else can children learn crucial human qualities such as measured risk taking, working with others, ‘learning-by-doing', using your initiative and garnering a respect for nature? Our range of equipment offers a combination of these skills, while also bearing in mind the physical, social and mental development of children. Natural play is a fun experience... and here at Pendlewood we make sure it's a worthy one too.

I always maintain that my playing days definitely equipped me with many skills that I now use on a daily basis in my working and personal life. There are so many skills that can be acquired and enhanced by simply giving our children the chance to explore the great outdoors during their recreational time.

To connect with nature is so rewarding. So I think it's time to be inspirational, get back to our roots and allow this generation the chance to explore and create around a safe natural environment. I sincerely hope that you will agree and that by using Pendlewood you will be giving your children the chance to enjoy and experience play as it should be enjoyed!"


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