Bookworm Storyteller Chair

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The Bookworm Storyteller Chair is a creative and visually striking chair that will bring a mystique and sense of wonder to story time!

This handcrafted masterpiece has a stunning design that acts as a grand focal point and has a real aura of its own, adding intrigue to any story time.

Fitting in seamlessly with the government's recommendation for 'Learning Outside the Classroom', this is a chair that is aesthetically pleasing and educationally fulfilling.

The chair is made from long lasting, sustainable redwood. This is an ideal timber for schools because it is durable, low maintenance and less prone to splinters than hardwoods.


There is also an Early Years specific version of this chair. Please click here for details.

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Bookworm Storyteller Chair - Storyteller's Range
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This product comes with the option of being installed with extended legs that can be concreted to the ground.