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Piper curved street furniture / bespoke benches.
A range of curved street furniture that is specifically designed to work on any radius.
Street furniture  that is handcrafted to your specific needs.
Giving you a flexible option to seating. options for tree seats,Student seating,Urban space seating.
High quality Sustainable timber is hand selected for each street furniture projectch
Fsc/pefc  sustainably sourced Upper gulf red wood.
Contemporary street furniture.
Hidden screw fixings.
Galvanised frames.

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Piper Curved Benches - Bespoke  - Street Furniture - Piper Range - Contemporary Street Furniture
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Due to Environmental reasons we choose to use European Redwood. This is one of the hardest softwoods available and is suitable for exterior usage. It has a natural resilience, and the introduction of the preservative Tanalith E helps this timber have a greater life span than some hardwoods - without the negative environmental impact associated with exotic hardwoods.

Redwood timber is fully grown in 50 years. It is also harvested and replanted in 50% of the time that it takes a hardwood tree to reach maturity. All redwood used by Pendlewood is harvested from sustainable forests.

Tanalith E Pressure Treated Timber

The treated timber that Pendlewood supply is pressure treated Tanalith E.

Tanalith E conforms to the efficacy requirements of BS EN 599-1:19997, and is treated in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 351-1:1996 to give a desired service life in the selected hazard class as defined in BS EN 335-1:11992.

  • Low maintenance
  • No varnishing or further treatments required
  • Long life product
  • Eco friendly preservative
  • A truly sustainable timber
  • All edges rounded for safety
  • All surfaces smooth to touch
  •  No copper chromic arsenic trace elements