Big & Beefy 900 - Street Furniture

Ref:PL0004 (Square); PL0005 (Rectangular); PL0006 (Large)

Street planters - Pendlewood Street Furniture

wooden planter, The Big & Beefy 900 is a colossal, versatile and strong wooden planter that comes in a three standard sizes: Square, Rectangular and Large.

This wooden Planter Box is a prime option for adding colour and brightening up any area and if used outdoors is perfect for introducing nature and wildlife to an area.

Its versatile design means that is ideal for use in both outside and indoor locations such as city centres, office gardens, sea fronts, hospitals, shopping malls and schools.

This is an extremely robustly constructed design that is designed to last for many, many years. The Big & Beefy 900 wooden planter is constructed from vigorous chunks of sustainable 6x2 redwood timber, which is less prone to splinters than hardwoods and is low maintenance yet still long lasting.



900mm (h) x 900mm (l) x 900mm (w)


900mm (h) x 2000mm (l) x 900mm (w)


900mm (h) x 3000mm (l) x 900mm (w)

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